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Healings with Voice and Ancient Wisdom

This session could be the right for you if you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life or in your body. Through the guidance of drumming, chanting, singing and more, I will lead you through a session of sound and senses. During our time together, you will be in a relaxed, reclining position, whereas I will lead you as I am being led. Through my voice, I will see what I am to see, sing as I am to sing, drum as I am led to drum, sharing with you at the end the messages that came through to serve your highest and best good.

If you are reading this, the right time for a healing session with Voice and Ancient Wisdom might just be now.

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Healings: Bewertungen

"Fortunate, I was to experience a wonderful session of Ancient Wisdom and Sound with Mirjam. The time we spent together, sent me off into a trance-like state, taking me somewhere that I know not. Once I returned, she shared with me the messages that were meant to be delivered. It was beautiful and moving." ~ Kelli Lair

Kelli Lair

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